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Continuing the mission of training disciples for the Kingdom of God.
This is where it all began for the Believer
Let it be your beginning


In the morning sow thy seed, and in the evening withhold not thine hand: for thou knowest not whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good. Ecclesiastes 11:6







Sunday Morning Prayer           9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship       10:00 AM
Wednesday Evening Prayer     6:30 PM
Wednesday Evening Service    7:00 PM
Saturday Morning Prayer 9:00 AM 2nd & 3rd Sat. of every month


Voice of God Ministries Bible

Rev. Dr. Dawnay Dawson (Dr. D) is the Pastor of Greater Grace Tabernacle and President of the Voice of God Ministries.  Dr. D. is a Spirit - filled servant of God with a Prophetic voice to the world.  Her charismatic preaching and teaching style of the Gospel message allows hearers to apply the Word of God to their everyday lives.

She is the co-author of Tongue Talking What's It Really About? This book teaches the believer how powerful the tongue can be for your victory or failure by answering questions about speaking in tongues, so that the believer can be empowered in their next dimension of life and ministry.  Through living a life-style of fasting and prayer Dr. D.'s fiery style of preaching will break yolks and bring about deliverance in your life.

A consummate prayer warrior, Dr. D.'s dedication to God is evidenced in our mission to win souls and train disciples for the Kingdom of God.  According to Mark 16:17b "And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils … they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover" which is our battle cry. 

Greater Grace Tabernacle is a non profit (501(c)(3)) corporation. This allows your gifts and contributions to be tax-deductible and fully recognized as a charitable contribution. 

We are not affiliated with any denomination. We are a non-denominational charismatic body of believers in Christ. The doctrine and discipline book that we use is the  Holy Bible (the Old and New Testaments) which we embrace as our absolute authority.


WJNI 106.3 - We are on the radio.  Tune in on Sundays at 8:30 AM for our broadcast program called the Voice of God Ministries an outreach of Greater Grace Tabernacle. To view other videos we are also on Youtube under Voice of God Ministries.



"Empty Pockets"

"But a certain man named Ananias, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession, and KEPT BACK PART OF THE price, his wife also being privy to it, and brought  a certain part, and laid it at the apostles' feet." - Acts 5:1-2

Tonight my wife and I went to several stores on what seemed to be an endless list of errands.  At the entrance of each of the stores, we were greeted by a festively dressed person ringing a bell.   The Salvation Army's representatives are already faithfully manning their posts.

The bright red collection containers are perched in their familiar place again and the spirit of the Christmas season builds inside of us as we are led to give.  It happens every year, and every year, at this time, I am reminded of a story that I would like to share with you about when I was a child.  The events of that particular evening are still fresh in my mind.  My parents, my little sister and I were out shopping for decorations for our home.  We exited our vehicle and, as we approached the entrance to the store, I  heard the bell and saw the brightly covered Salvation Army man.  I quickly asked my parents for some change to put into the collection bucket.  They gave me ninety four cents...three quarters, a dime, a nickel and four pennies, to be exact.  I went to the collection container and dropped the dime, nickel and pennies in the container, BUT I HELD ONTO THE THREE QUARTERS, thrusting them into my pockets.
My parents found out later about my deceit and were, needless to say, very disappointed. Disappointed to the point of being angry.  I was punished and, I might add, learned my lesson.  Through the remaining years of my childhood, my parents gave me much change during the holidays to donate to the Salvation Army.  Each time I would place the money into the container, and each time my parents would ask me,  "Are your pockets empty?"  They had amazing memories when it came to that event when I kept back part of the money they had given me.  Whenever I think about that Christmas, I think about Ananias and Sapphira, because they too, kept back part of what they were supposed to give.  And, as we know from Scripture, they too, paid the price.  In their case, it cost them their lives.  I wonder, sometimes, about the Christians of today.  Do we keep back part of our offerings?  Not just in the monetary aspect of it, but what about in our  time, talent and service?   Do we give all that we have in those areas?  You see, in my life, if I am not careful, I sometimes find myself giving God the dimes, nickels and pennies of my life, while holding onto the quarters.  

If I am not careful then instead of giving all I can give of myself for the Lord, I find myself "keeping back part."  That thought process applies to all areas of our lives, you know?  Prayer and Bible study...are we giving ourselves fully to it?  Service to the Kingdom of  God...have we surrendered all?   That special burden the Lord has laid on our hearts recently...have we kept any quarters?  What about our faithfulness and it given in pennies and nickels?  Believer, Christ's call has always been to give it all.  He wants us to hold  nothing back, but rather to place it all in His container.  He desires so greatly for you and I to give ourselves wholly and completely to Him that He might fulfill His grand purpose in our lives.  And so, I'll leave you with this question for you to consider this morning...  Are your pockets empty?  By Jimmy D. Brown Copyright 1999 Gibson Productions



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