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Continuing the mission of training disciples for the Kingdom of God.
This is where it all began for the Believer
Let it be your beginning




Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves.  Philippians 2:3







Sunday Morning Prayer           9:30 AM
Sunday Morning Worship       10:00 AM
Wednesday Evening Prayer     6:30 PM
Wednesday Evening Service    7:00 PM
Saturday Morning Prayer 9:00 AM 2nd & 3rd Sat. of every month



Voice of God Ministries Bible

Rev. Dr. Dawnay Dawson (Dr. D) is a daughter of the late Dr. P. Dawson the Founder of Greater Grace Tabernacle and the Voice of God Ministries.  Dr. D. accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at a young age and began a life-style of prayer and the study of God’s word.  Under the leadership of Dr. P she has become a charismatic preacher and teacher of the Gospel message to benefit the Body of Christ in their spiritual growth. 

A graduate of Oral Roberts University she also holds advance degrees from the Citadel (The Military College of South Carolina) and a doctorate from the University of South Carolina. Presently she is the principal of Grace Junior Academy and is the co-author of Tongue Talking What’s it really about?        

As the Pastor of Greater Grace Tabernacle, Dr. D. now continues in our mission to win souls and train disciples for the Kingdom of God.  According to Mark 16:17b “And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils… they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover” which is our battle cry. 

Greater Grace Tabernacle is a non profit (501(c)(3)) corporation. This allows your gifts and contributions to be tax-deductible and fully recognized as a charitable contribution. 

We are not affiliated with any denomination. We are a non-denominational charismatic body of believers in Christ. The doctrine and discipline book that we use is the  Holy Bible (the Old and New Testaments) which we embrace as our absolute authority.




"Perfect Little Angel"


   I got up from my desk and ran out into the living room, whereupon I saw her take off down the hall. I chased her up the stairs and watched her as her little behind made a hard left into the bedroom. I was gaining on her! She took off for the bathroom.  Bad move. I had her cornered.  I told her to turn around. She refused. I pulled out my big, mean, authoritative Daddy voice, "Young lady, I said turn around!" Slowly, she turned toward me.

In her hand was what was left of my wife’s new lipstick.  And every square inch of her face was covered with bright red (except her lips of course)! As she looked up at me with fearful eyes, lips trembling, I heard every voice that had been shouted to me as a child. "How could you . . . You should know better than that . . . How many times have you been told . . .What a bad thing to do . . ." It was just a matter of my picking out which old message  I was going to use on her so that she would know what a bad girl she had  been.

But before I could let loose, I looked down at the sweatshirt my wife had put on her only an hour before.
In big letters it said, "I'M  A PERFECT LITTLE ANGEL!" I looked back up into her tearful eyes and instead of seeing  a bad girl who didn't listen, I saw a child of God . . . a perfect little angel  full of worth, value and a wonderful spontaneity that I had come dangerously  close to shaming out of her. "Sweetheart, you look beautiful! Let's take a picture so Mommy can see how  special you look." I took the picture and thanked God that I didn't miss the  opportunity to reaffirm what a perfect little angel He had given me. By Nick Lazaris (Inspirational submitted by: Sandi Nelson Porter) Copyright 1999 Gibson Productions


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